‘Four Corners’

“Four lives will change forever as the
destinies of a reformed prison
‘general’, a local cop, a charismatic
gang leader and a surgeon back from
London intersect with a young boy’s
coming of age in the urban youth
gangs of the Cape Flats. ”


I recently watched this movie and was moved by the fact that what is depicted in this film is happening so close to home.

There is a definite message in this movie, I feel people should see and realise that Education is Key – Not only schooling but also on life – The libraries should be overflowing with children and adults alike hungry to read, fill your mind with the power of words. Many people were inspired into action with words.

I love the saying – “The pen is mightier than the sword” – live your live in such a way that books will be written about you and I do not mean things in the newspaper because nowadays all we read about is death.

Children are the future, they need role models, POSITIVE role models. Yes I come from a loving family and that everyone’s circumstances are not the same but we have choices right? 

“Chess is Life” – Exactly like in chess you have to make a choice so in life you have a choice too.

Schools should not be closing they should be opening more schools, the masses need to be educated.

I believe people can change, the mind is a powerful tool, show people a positive outcome and change will happen for the good. BUT if circumstances do not change we are doomed to the social ills that are affecting our youth at the moment.

This movie could be a positive influence if used properly, my fear is that without proper guidance it could have a negative impact on our youth too as scenes of gang violence are sometimes seen as ‘cool’ in the eyes of children. Parents should watch it with thier children and have discussions afterwards -communication in the household is a remarkable factor in what we see happening beyond the threshold of our doorsteps.

Thank you to the director and actors for a no holds barred portrayal of daily life on the ‘Cape Flats’ – Proudly South African.

“Life. Or death. Its your move” – Four Corners tagline.


There might be Four Corners but what happens in the middle is up to you – Choose Life

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