The Shit Shaun Says


Over 100 of the best Trance and Dubstep DJs, 3days, 4 dance floors and 1 Survivor…who came second 😀


Lush green grass, two dams for swimming and not even 20 mins away from Cape Town. This is the setting of one of the best New Years Eve outdoor Trance Festivals.


From bouncy daytime beats with the crowd going wild to the sounds of DJs like Tune Raider, Headroom and Psyguy to mention but a few….


…to the more dark psytrance of the nightime with the deep bassline drumming through ur body – ins ins ins ins.

One of my favourite live acts was there too, SIBOT, that guy knows how to get a crowd bouncing with mad visuals courtesy of TOYOTA – Is that loud enough…..NOOOOO WE WANT IT LOUDER.

I love these outdoor festivals as you get to meet so many people from different walks of life, friendly and beautiful smiling people all jamming to the sounds of music. Not only are they from South Africa,there was a group from Isreal, Brazil even Germany all mixing and sharing different stories with each other…when they take some time out to chill at the Dam.

I was surprised to meet one of the DJ’s at the medics tent charging his phone…only after having a mad conversation, then introducing myself I realised it was GLITCH. I even went over to PSYGUY to compliment him on his mad set…how crazy is that, you get to interact with these amazing people.


The decor is out of this world, during the day you see all the amazing colours shining through from the rays of the sun, sprinklers spraying from the top, if you look close you will see raindows..and WE ARE THE GOLD AT THE END OF THOSE RAINBOWS.


I do not even have any words to describe how mindblowing the night time visuals and colours are.

Water and Shade is life oh and not forgetting the infamous CHILL TEMPLE, it traps you inside with its ambient melodic beats into a dreamland of endless possibilities.

The theme of this years festival was REBIRTH..and I thank the organisers and all the beautiful people for helping make this an unforgettable experience for all – WELLDONE

Blessed New Year to all, 2014 is filled with opportunity

From Shaun –  The guy who came second in Survivor hahahaha

That is my story and im sticking to it.


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