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Tata Madiba

       18/07/1918 – 05/12/2013


A sad day for South Africa…not only have we lost a great leader but also a father of a Nation.

“I have fought against white
domination, and I have fought
against black domination. I have
cherished the ideal of a democratic
and free society in which all persons
live together in harmony and with
equal opportunities. It is an ideal
which I hope to live for and to
achieve. But if needs be, it is an
ideal for which I am prepared to die” – Nelson Mandela

His legacy will live forever, he knew that the future is in our youth. His love for children can be seen in his eyes in every picture you see. What a role model and world icon we had in our great country South Africa.


He has taken a Long Walk to Freedom….but through perseverance and determination his dream has been realised. We are free from the shackles that our forefathers were chained to thanks to great men such as Madiba and others.

“For to be free is not
merely to cast off one’s
chains, but to live in a way
that respects and enhances
the freedom of others.”
– Long Walk to Freedom,

It has been an equally Long Lay to Rest…we have prayed for his recovery and watched him fight like the boxer that he was but in his words….

“Death is something
inevitable. When a man
has done what he
considers to be his duty to
his people and his country,
he can rest in peace.”
– Mandela documentary
interview, 1994

….These words are so apt for the occasion as he has achieved what he needed to, it is now up to us to continue his legacy and help South Africa to new and greater heights.


Christmas Liggies

So the liggies were switched on in Cape Town on Sunday….this means that SANTA CLAUS is coming to town 😀


With the millions of people that attended the free concert on sunday, it was definitely not a Silent Night. Once the lights FINALLY went on we were treated to a fireworks display…this was the HIGHLIGHT for most of us beside the perfomances by the various South African artists ofcourse…Mi casa, Jimmy Nevis and The Flooze keeping the crowd entertained.


If you were not at the switching on of the lights festival, not to worry it will be on for the whole festive season plus we waiting for the night market, so make a plan and be like a stary eyed kid again o_*.

If you not into the whole christmas liggies why not check out the “klopse” on 2de Nuwe Jaar – who knows you might get roped in to be a Drummer Boy Fa la la 😀


But thats a story for another day for now im waiting for the bus to go Home for Christmas….I hope you waiting for me Under the Mistletoe.

Spread the festive cheer and Christmas Love 😉

Welcome to my Cave

Wow what a day it has been. From a hike up Lions Head to chilling in a mediterranean resturant at camps bay for “breakfast”…ok I think after 2 is kinda late so lets say a late lunch.

Start your day off early, wake up fresh, with a purpose…and today it was to conquer the Lions Head


The wind was crazy but do not let that determine your day do what you must, every cloud has a silver lining….


…just look at that view

Sitting in the cave I’m thinking about how it was years back when people stayed in these caves….and then a songs comes to mind “Hold on, we goin home” – Drake, You have to know the past to truly appreciate the future.


Along the hike we met interesting people but one person stands out, a man from China he was amazed that black, white and “brown” people as he called it were together –


This could be seen as racist or ignorant but hey Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa – we are over that, we are multi racial embracing freedom, thankfully we saw the humour in it and embraced it as memories 😀

The hike was awesome, all you need is great/beautiful company and positive energy and the sun will shine……



Lets hope the next morning we won’t feel too much pain….but if we do I’ll call it “Beautiful Pain” – Eminem