If Today was your last Day…

I paid a dollar for this ticket and all I wanted was a NickelBack….What I got was an amazing experience wow cape town knows how to party 😀

Was so excited that I went early and what a good idea that was because I got a good spot…must say Grandwest Casino is a great venue for a concert.

Getting restless but then finally the lights went off and the opening act announced to screaming fans….The Shaun Jacobs band from Jozi, South Africa. To be honest I didn’t really know them before this but they did a super job to get us pumping…South Africa has amazing talent.


I saw people I wouldn’t expect at this concert but I guess everyone has thier bucketlist and im glad I ticked this one off mine.

I wonder what happened to that drunken “antie” in the pink sweater though hahaha. Plus I got a free beer hahaha must be the sweater I was wearing Keep Calm and call Batman, Shaun


Nickelback, Nickelback, Nickelback…boom lights switch off, crowd goes wild then we see them on stage and they rock. We were even treated to a drum and guitar solo wow. 😀


They went through all thier greatest hits from How You Remind Me, Lullaby to Something in your mouth…I think after last night many screaming fans had a frog in thier mouth 😀 totally worth it though.


Just when I thought it was over they left the stage and we started screaming we want more…Hahaha because Cape Town can’t get enough of a good thing, we are Rockstars :-D….They came out and did 3 more songs,They rocked the stage for +- 2 hours and a solid performance it was.


Thank you Big Concerts next up we going to Mars in 30 seconds


*pictures courtesy of big concerts and myself.

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