Short and Sweet

South Africa lost another icon in the space of 2 days, another boxing legend too, this time its.

       Jacob ‘Baby Jake’ Matlala
      (01/08/1962 – 7/12/2013)


record, falling at one
stage to 22 wins, one
draw and seven
losses, finished up at
52 victories, two
draws and 12 losses.
Along the way he
collected the WBO
flyweight, WBO junior
flyweight, IBA junior
flyweight and WBU
junior flyweight titles,
becoming the only
South African boxer to
win four world titles.”

Standing at 4’10 he was not much taller than a Lord of the Rings Hobbit….hmmmm think they should’ve used him in the movies, no CGI needed :-D.

He proved that dynamite does come in small packages but it helps to have big fists too.


He will also be remembered for his big heart and courage in and outside the ring, and ofcourse for his humilty…just like Madiba, I think this is a great characteristic admired by all.


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