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Walking The Distance

So Cape Town is once again gearing up for the annual Discovery Cape Times Big Walk…..unfortunately you won’t be seeing me there this year but I thought i’d share my experience.

It started with the 10 km walk 4 years ago with my mom, always fun doing these walks with her :-D. We don’t do it for the competition but for the people haha meeting different types of people on the route is the best, and not forgetting the bums haha from firm to jigglypuff…yeah the bootyman can πŸ˜‰
The 10km route is the most scenic I think, you walk through places you don’t usually look at – take the time to stop and stare no time limit on this route. This is the best route for photos get spotted with a Coca Cola product and you just might win a prize…do what I do, walk with a Powerade and do a pose at every camera you see o_O…still waiting to win though haha.

The next year I decided to challenge myself and go for the 20km…the bus drive to the start is cool. At the starting point all you smell is deep heat haha gotta keep those muscles warm. The walk started around a field for the novice walkers, while the regular walkers go first they want the best time ofcourse. Walking with a group of friends always fun, good for laughs, especially when you start counting how many toilet breaks you took along the way haha memories πŸ˜€

Next we did the 25km..this was a tough one. The weather really tested us in that year, it started hailingΒ  along the route but just like the theme of the year we all finished like Superheroes.

Last year came the 30km. I recommend you take the train to the starting point it helps get you motivated and your mind in the game. I did this walk alone always challenge yourself, go beyond your limit. Along the walk we even heard dinosaurs calling in the mountain near Fish Hoek o_O….Jarassic Park is real. I met a new friend too, forgot her name though eish…hmmm maybe she reading this post.Imagine walking +-15km with a blister damn that hurts but on we must go πŸ˜€ One of the highlights was motivating this lady it was also her first 30km…”come on we can do it” was the motivation of the day.

Seeing that I am not doing it this year, I take it as a break to do the 50km next then the ultimate 80km yes that is the goal I willΒ  conquer the 80km walk πŸ˜€

Love the energy and the support along the route, every coke stop is a blessing…lol the next day your legs feel like jelly but it is worth it, especially the feeling of getting a medal at the end :-D.

Well that is my story go out there and enjoy – stay motivated.


X marks the spot

We have been hearing for the past few weeks that you need to register to vote.

“You doing your country a disservice if you don’t register to vote” – @chepet89 via Twitter

My reply to this wise statement is that this is all good and well but you need to make your mark come election time too.

Whether you into politics or not by voting you have a say in how our country is run, every seat in parliament counts from the Rasta Party to the well known ANC and DA it is your choice who you want to vote for.Completely confidential too

South Africa has come a long way since the first elections in 1910, its been a long walk to freedom.

Before only men could vote now everyone can vote feel the power people.

Are you free or are you dom..make your x that way you can tell people to EFF off when they complain.

Keep It Straight And Simple..all im saying is if you not registered now is your chance, if you do not agree with the happenings in Parliament stop complaining and start thinking in solutions.

We are the future presidents so if you are 16 start now and read educate yourself….

“You do not know where you going until you know where you came from” – unknown

Ok this is getting long and winding now, almost like a speech in parliament im going to stop you get the picture right.

Make your mark.


Kiss Kiss Bang BANG

So its the 5th November you know what that means right?

If you in school stay at home πŸ˜€

Parent keep your children at home, hulle gaan jou kinnes met nugget smeerΒ  en met vrot eiers gooi…ahhhh gone are the days of that hahaha. :-D. I remember every year there was a new upgade to scare the kids, stuff like: they putting blades between their fingers when they smeer you o_O lol hectic.

To be honest I have no idea why we celebrate this day though,all I know is I had a sparkle in my eye when I could write my name in the sky with that “sterrentjie” stuff….yes I SEE MY NAME IN THE STAAARRRS πŸ˜€

Anyway I did a bit of reading and all I found out was that a GUY got FAWKED in a failed attempt to kill King James 1 on November 5th 1605 – yes this has to be educational too – life is not a funny business πŸ˜€

ba ba ba tooooooooooo BAA yoh that was cool look at the fireworks, wait I’m from South Africa man lemme say it right….yoh ouens kyk daai klappertijes πŸ˜€


Kiss Kiss Bang BANG

Monday night lights

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls never mind Friday…this is Monday Action Night and just like on E it is Free.


Lets get ready for a brutal encounter between the Mighty Penguins and Cape Town Storms – if thats not the real names it should be :-D.

I came to seeΒ  an action packed last game of the ice hockey season at Grandwest casino Cape Town…..ok so it was an unofficial match guess why…no goalie o_O…really REALLY haha jokes man

The game was super exciting, fast paced bone crushing tackles…in my head im screaming moer hom hahahaha while my friends were screaming that out loud…damn man I wouldn’t want these guys and girls to come support me if I played a sport, they are brutal πŸ˜€

Final score was…..uh i forgot man the screen thing went off before I could take a picture but I know the Penguins won o_O…not the team I was supporting so its ok hahaha

Right peeps after the game lets go for some coffee and a muffin it is a monday night after all….ok fine if u insist we can add a dash of amarula, ahhhh no Nandos do not serve alcohol o_O boo woo

tada ta da ta da- queue that goal music πŸ˜€

I almost forgot to mention we celebrating MY BIRTHDAY 4th November diarise it for next year πŸ˜€


I want to eat your jelly, I want to eat your jelly…yes I will have my cake and eat it πŸ˜€

Thank you peeps, all of you that spent the evening with me you know who are, you are awesome – Happy birthday song by creepy little girls voices now I cant sleep o_O. hahaha hope u had a blast too.

Here’s to the next icy season of hockey so lets puck off home and go sleep.

Peace o_O

Trick or Treat

Whats your favourite Scary Movie?


Halloween has come and gone. How did you celebrate the rising of the walking dead?

Were you a ghost or a ghoul..or even Micheal ( any one of the two is fine, haha or rather HEHE o_O)


I don’t think Halloween has taken off in South Africa as in other parts of the world but maybe there are the select few who go that extra mile…abit of scary fun won’t do no harm right.

What is Halloween?

To me it is what I saw on tv – carved out pumpkins and scary costumes BOOOOOO


Trick or Treat….I want free candy.

If you are familiar with the words Trick or Treat you are not from South Africa….here our idea of a trick is throwing “vrot” eggs on your windows if you lucky……if you unlucky it could be poo o_O…sic joke

A treat on the other hand would be an amazing party with vodka punch – no need to dress up, by the end of the night you’ll be walking and talking like a Zombie haha.


Hope you had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN.