The “Stuk”

Forget The Stig……we just found his South African cousin on the all new series of Bottom Gear, coming to your screens soon in HD…just wait till you see him, I’m sure the ladies gona love him 😀

What he knows about cars is dangerous, the only donuts he knows are the ones that go into his stomach. Gears are changed in the bedroom hahahaha.

He likes long walks on the beach….wearing his helmet ofcourse,  the only music he listens to are from the voices in his head because he is a Rockstar o_O….

…”Some say that he could solve the Da Vinci Code in 43 seconds. All we know is, he’s called The Stuk.” – Keenau “Clarkson” Pearce


I guess his name is appropriate “The Stuk” o_O hahaha don’t all come running for a piece at the same time ladies 😉

Vroom Vroom


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