Better Late than Never…..

Birthdays a time for celebrations. This is the day you were born, you opened your eyes the first time you saw the world in colour, in 3D without the glasses 😀

The day you cried your lungs out showing that they are healthy and strong for singing, shouting screaming whatever your little heart desires.

Yes a birthday means you are getting older, but also wiser  because over the last 12 months you learnt and experienced so much new things. Embrace the change :-D.

Forgetting someones birthday is like forgetting they were born o_O…unforgivable. I was guilty of this recently so to make up for this I will look back at this post and count 3 days back then say Happy Birthday to my Awesome cousin Lisa :-D…for now this is a Happy Belated Birthday.

HaHaHa – Gotta love the family 😉

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