Crazy Normal

Ever heard of the following terms:

Crazy 8, Crazy/Beautiful – good movie by the way….Crazy/Normal – great stand up by fellow South African – Trevor Noah – uh if you have you are probably all types of Crazy hahaha….but if you think about it this is not a bad thing…NO IT IS NOT BAD AT ALL and below you will see why:


Yes thats right, we all crazy, embrace it…relax ain’t no competition yo o_O.


Be crazy you might just change the world in the process.


Look at this guy if he ain’t crazy then I don’t know, I mean why you hiding for 26 years always wanting us to find you…dude you all types of crazy…but famous 😀 – Where’s Wally


Another example….cmon you must admit he Crazy to think he could beat The Batman….BUT he did he got into the mind of the big bad bat thats all you need to be great – Joker I’ll say this again best villian ever.


And lastly……Yeah thats right just be you…..Crazy/Normal or rather…

Crazy/Beautiful 😉

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