Stage Fright – Feel the thrill

‘Started from the bottom’… -Drake

Do something you afraid of, feel the thrill it moulds you.

To think I use to cry when doing orals at primary school, nerves always got the better of me o_O…but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, who would’ve thought that guy would get on stage and perform hahaha..take that haters just kidding man no negativity


– “I know a place where your heart can be safe, let me take you there, take you there”…


“…I’ll be the one who can change your despair, and I know it, I know it”…


“…your love is precious and it’s slippin away. I feel like I should show you paradise way. I’ll be the one to take you there, take you there.”
-written by uriah and timothy.©

Ok but seriously I think that was a first and a last though haha enjoyed da experience…wait uh maybe it not a last 😀

Ok *slow clap* here goes nothing *lat die beat klop*

  – Intro
Uriah raps

I’ve been waiting all my life for you….
I want you to say you’ve been waiting too.

This could be the start of something between you and me but you are walking away turning your back on me.

Maybe I’ve been holding on to something that I know I should have let go of…

I saw you standing there
This isn’t fair
Cause I still want you in my life
and I still need you by my side

(verse 2)
Can’t you feel it building inside you cause you never knew…

I can feel it building inside me cause i always knew

Now what am I supposed to say
when you’re the only one for me
It’s driving me crazy
cause your the only lady..
I want in my life, I need by my side.

– written by uriah and timothy.©


From performing in a club – the old Zula on long street – to performing at a church do – now that I think about it the lyrics not quite appropriate lol but when the opportunity arises take it….

‘you only get one shot, one opportunity, would you capture it or just let it slip…’- Eminem


We forgot the back-track for our performance at Zula – open mic night – but that didn’t stop us, no music thats not gona stop us we carry on acapella baby…so if you want me to seranade you now is your chance 😉


Gotta thank the main guy Mr Uriah Cloete aka DD..inspiration boet ‘music is the expression of the soul’ – ‘bleed pen’ – ‘big dreams’ watch this guy move mountains.

Follow to meet the legend:



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