I don’t want my Nickelback

So Cape Town once again gearing up for a canadian takeover this time in the form of Rock Band Nickelback.

     -before the concert-

Stop bieng a ‘window shopper’, get your ticket to the concert and look ‘fly’. If you can’t make it for the Joburg leg take a Shot ‘left’, ‘where?’…To the mother city ofcourse Cape Town 😀

‘Breath’ ‘Deep’….put on your ‘cowboy hat’ and ‘hold out your hand’, the ‘leader of men’ are coming to Rock Cape Town. 😀

I hope you ‘old enough’ because this might just be thier ‘one last run’ in South Africa. Im sure we will be hearing screaming fans shouting dude i’m ‘digging this’…and at the end of the concert after a screaming crowd shouting encore encore…the band saying we ‘not leaving yet’.

Ladies let your hair hang loose, use some ‘detangler’, if you in a bad relationship all you need is ‘just four’ ‘little friend’s’ to help you kick that guy to the ‘curb’. No excuses don’t be a ‘pusher’, I dont want to hear any ‘I don’t have’ anything to ‘fall back on’, ofcourse you do you have some great music to put you in the ‘sea groove’.

        -after the concert-

Aaaaaah ‘Where do i hide’, as I ‘wake up this morning’ I find that I have a ‘hangnail’. o_O ‘Too bad’ they always said the best concerts are ‘just for’ ‘hollywood’…well we said ‘never again’ because Cape Town is the place to be. 😀 ‘How you remind me’ of what my ‘money bought’ damn why is the ‘good times gone’.

‘Believe it or not’, I cant ‘do this anymore’ im laying ‘flat on the floor’, ‘another hole in the head’….ears throbbing….I ‘should’ve listened’, ‘yanking out my’ phone to call you thinking that ‘someday’ i’ll finally ‘figure you out’ uh maybe ‘saturday night, alright’, I’ll ‘see you at the show’. wait the show is over. o_O After last night please don’t just ‘throw yourself away’, ‘because of you’ im ‘feeling way to damn good’.

We acting like ‘animals’, we always ‘fight for all the wrong reason’. I’ll ‘follow you home’, ‘if everyone cared’ about ‘someone that you’re with’..i’ll take a ‘photograph’ and act like a ‘rockstar’. The ‘next contestant’ ‘savin me’ from ‘far away’ will be seeing the ‘side of a bullet’ – bang bang.

‘This afternoon’ lets ‘just get high’, ‘shakin hands’. Maybe ‘next time round’, ‘I’ll come for you’ and we can have ‘S.E.X’. Is there ‘something in your mouth’, why do you look so shocked. If ‘today was your last day’, you ‘gotta be somebody’ so we might as well ‘burn it to the ground’. Yes thats right you ‘never gonna be alone’.

Im ‘holding on to heaven’, ‘trying not to love you’. ‘Everything I wana do’ is sing you a ‘lullaby’ because ‘when we stand together’ you are my ‘midnight queen’. ‘Bottoms up’, ‘don’t ever let it end’ and ‘kiss it goodbye’.

‘This is War’



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