50 Shades of lekker kry

Oryt im thinking the craze of this book has died hmmmm lets revive it just before the movie is released.

So I read the first book – not the whole book though – why? because I got bored and thought it to be somewhat predictable it did not appeal to me, guess the writer was going for the ladies right. I just wanted to see what the hype was about and I got the picture…or not it was all words o_O haha. Nothing wrong with bieng curious…now I can start a conversation and release that inner voice in you maybe 😉 (to the ladies reading this that is.)

There nothing wrong with reading erotic stories but when you read it in the train and leave a wet patch after you get up uh…Housten I think we have a problem…lady I think next time read it in the privacy of your own home o_O.

You think guys don’t read it, think again, again in the train I saw a guy reading it then when he left he put the book in his lunch bag hahaha “ain’t nobody gona see me read this.” That was probably his thoughts  hahaha.

Come on all we want to know is what women want, and if being tied up and spanked on the ass is what you want then uh stop biting your lips, we in an elevator man with a trolley, abit uncomfortable don’t you think. hahaha

Until the movie comes out.

Enjoy your…..

…50 Shades of Lekker kry 😉

3 thoughts on “50 Shades of lekker kry

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