Zombie Walk 2013

With Halloween around the corner minions gather to take over the streets of Cape Town for what we like to call…



An annual event for Charity to help raise funds for the Lucky Lucy Foundation….what an exciting concept, I mean who doesn’t like brainsssssssss ryt….if you don’t, you don’t know what you missing out on o_O.

This is my 4th year doing the walk and it just gets bigger and more exciting each year Welldone to the organisers Thank you.


ugggghhh uggghhh is all you hear and shouts of Braiiiiins as the Zombie Apocolypes takes over Cape Town…from Zombie Brides to a Zombie Mario


….but unfortunately no Luigi he ate the wrong mushroom haha….O yes and not forgetting the Zombie Dogs, this year we even had a rat. WOW


To end it all off, this year they had an awesome after party at The Side Show…why??, because besides their love of Brains, Zombies love to move their undead limbs to some filthy Dub and psytrance beats


picture courtesy of Side Show twitter profile, follow them @TheSideShowCT

If you would like to see more pictures and more details about this amazing event visit there facebook page.


Till next year Happy Halloween and feast on, Minions

BRAIIINS….nom nom nom crunch crunch

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