Some say just like Chuck Norris, I was born with a Moustache

Some say just like the Stig, I listen to Movember blues when driving…

…but all I know is everyone gona wana look like me in November hahaha

Right guys its that time of the year to grow some hair on that upper lip…luckily its not winter uh eating soup with a moustache can be tricky especially……


…if u this guy hahaha

Here are a few ideas to keep it stylish:


choose your style and stick with it, my favourite…the sanchez haha.

For those who do not want to go the moustache route check out the next idea


Hahaha waar gaan die bra met daai los kyf o_O


I moustache u a question….how does growing a scratch patch help with prostate cancer though. o_O – all about awareness 😀

On a serious note its all for a good cause, that is why I rock mine all year long.

Movember – rock on

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