Bond..Shaun Bond

Yes Will Smith said he wanted to be the first black James Bond. I think it should be me and it should be made in South Africa.

Gadget of choice a Nokia 3310 if I lose my gun I can use it as a weapon to throw at my enemy, sure to kill him instantaneously hahaha. A watch who needs a fancy one, James Bond doesn’t need time anyway so one from the Grand Parade is fine.

Protecting queen and country…Say What??? Im here to protect JZ and his Queens.

Ok if there is one thing that I want it is the car but not an Aston martin …..huh uh give me an Audi R8 yes that is my car of choice.

“Three measures
of Gordon’s , one of vodka, half a
measure of Kina Lillet . Shake it
very well until it’s ice-cold, then
add a large thin slice of lemon
peel. Got it?”-…/
Oz_and_ James_Drin .. – Casino Royale

Nah too complicated, Give me a Brandy and Coke…and make that a double..Got it?

To be honest I just want to be bond for the girls….because once you go black you never go back…uh or you end up in a wheelchair o_O…sic joke hahahaha

If the extract below don’t convince you that I am the right person to be Bond then nothing will.

“Dr No”, I’m not “From Russia with Love” – Oh Mr Bond stop poking me with your “GoldFinger”, please, call it a “Thunderball”. – Forget Yolo…with me baby “You only live twice” don’t believe me…fine im here “on her majesty’s secret service”. They say “Diamonds are Forever”..but between me and you lets “live or let die”.

Is it true that they call you “The Man with the Golden Gun”…No the names Bond, Shaun Bond but you already knew that because you “the spy who loved me”.

Codename: “Moonraker” – “For your eyes only”…yes with a name like “Octopussy” it damn right should be o_O.

Oh Mr Bond don’t be so modest…”Never say Never again”

I see “a view to a kill” in “the living daylights” I hope I have “licence to kill”….ahhh the sun, it’s hurting my “Goldeneye”

Luckily “Tomorrow never dies”…yes thats right the “World is not enough”, I will live to “Die another Day”

Thank you im off to “Casino Royale” to find my “Quantum of Solace” if anyone needs me and it’s urgent the password to my PC is :”Skyfall”

The names Bond, Shaun Bond. 😉

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