Moravians Got Talent

Songs of FAITH and PRAISE – this was the theme of the 2013 combined Moravian Chior Festival.

What a beautiful afternoon, the Cape Town weather played along nicely, sunshine and blues skies. Stepping into the auditorium all you see are angels dressed in white on stage and one of them is my mom :-D.

13 pieces of music all dedicated to praising OUR FATHER above, beautifully rendered by the combined Moravian Chior. Hard work and dedication really paid off Thank you.

Not only were we entertained by the voices of angels but we got some brass fever in there too, I mean what is a Moravian music festival without the brass band right. When you hear them play you just want to jump up and move your feet to the beat of the music flowing through your body.

Every piece of music made you smile and feel thankful with joyous praise.

You gotta love the conductors without them the chior would be lost, they lead them with so much passion…love what you do and you will never work a day 😀

And not to forget the beautifully talented Coleta Wesso – Welldone I say this again Moravians got talent – great violin solo

Noya Na – an african traditional song had me in stitches smiling from ear to ear, gotta love the rythym and spirit of music that moves you.

Dum dumdum dummm dumm 😀

“Now Thank We All Our God”


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