*Ding Dong * “Train number 0245 is running 15 minutes late, Metrorail apologises for the inconvenience”

Ahhh the sound of that ladies voice just makes my day….haha can you hear the sarcasm in that sentence.

Who needs a gym when you got Metrorail, I mean im running every morning for the train *cardio*…to hear it’s late,*rest*-get in the train stand for 10 minutes to first station-*core workout*, relax till next stop *cooldown* – great workout plan right. See every cloud does have a silver lining 😀

I enjoy taking train, I mean you meet different characters each day from a guy bringing a bin in the train to the buskers entertaining us with music.Church does not end on Sunday it goes right through the week when you in a 3rd class carriage – Amen

Ask anyone who takes train and they will have a funny story to tell you, don’t get me wrong it is frustrating hearing that voice telling you the trains are delayed but read a book or write a novel while you wait who knows you might become famous in those 15 minutes.

Support the guy selling niknaks. Just don’t stand next to me with that cheesy breath Thank you

*Ding Dong* “Train number 0245 will be arriving at platform 4 in one minute” -right thats me guys gotta run.

Keep your belongings close and pay that extra for Metroplus at least you get a seat…..if you lucky

Prrrrrrrt *door closes*


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