Mens Health – Big Dreamer

Hey ladies and gents below you will be reading a letter I sent to Mens Health Magazine In May 2012. Guess what it got published in The June 2012 Issue.

Dream Big, anything is possible – “I see my name in the staarrrrs” – taken from an advert

“I have been reading Mens Health for awhile now, I enjoy reading about challenges people face and how they overcame them. It teaches me that there are people with bigger problems than mine and gives me the courage to face my own. Mens Health also gives great workout tips, male grooming and latest fashion trends which I try and follow …I set myself a goal to become a cover model when im between 28 and 30 🙂

I am turning 25 in November so obviously I should be on a November cover right :-).

Keep up the great work guys and gals your magazine really changes lives in a positive way.

– Shaun Engel”

Summer Baby 😉

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