Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Ok guys and girls I decided to give you a break from all the words and post some pictures I took of a great day out with friends.

Cape Town is one beautiful city right – a drive around Chapmans Peak to HoutBay and these are some snapshots from our day – Enjoy.


Random picture didn’t know it would come out that cool.


Welcome to Cape Town, put on your dancing shoes Cape Town welcomes youuuuu 😀 – Kaapse Klopse


“Voorloepe” – This is actually my favourite picture of the day.


Meet Bobby the bobble headed dog 😀


Chapmans Peak – need I say more.


Had to add a picture of the mountains and wait for it……


…the ocean…That is what Cape Town is known for right. Beautiful Mountains, Prestine beaches and Awesome people :-D.

Well there u have it – a day in the life of a tourist in my own country.

Like “they” say – A picture is worth a thousand words.

Say Cheese


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