Goodhope Fm biggest fan

So Goodhope FM had a competition to find there CRAZIEST FAN…I decided to enter, please note I thought it was BIGGEST fan haha so much for listening, I hope you are laughing at the awkwardness hahaha because I am.

Well let me not keep up the excitement any longer. 

Please follow the link below you will find my entry – hope you will enjoy

PS: I tried adding the video but wordpress does not accept MP4 format but the link should work so click click click 😀

I’d like to thank a friend of mine fellow blogger Miss Ivanna Kemp aka Poison Ivy for adding my entry to her blog and adding a super cool write up about it too – check out her blogspot at the following link –  – Fashionista’s will love it.

Lastly so I did not win the competition, but I enjoyed doing it. Thats all that counts

Happy Birthday GoodHope FM

Your Craziest/Biggest Fan


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