Long Street Nights

Positvity breeds positive energy – Positive minds attract positive energy

What started off as a great day out turned somewhat ugly, nothing bad happened though just things are not the same anymore.

Ok so I tried something new don’t know what it is though lol some  asian cuisine nice stuff plus dessert was beautiful – taste buds going crazy.

Moved on to “The waiting room” nice vibe drinking the most expensive whiskey on the rocks, on the roof with amazing friends – love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.

Met new people, I’m not a conversation starter but once I get to know you I’m am a crazy guy, but hanging out with crazy friends with great energy always makes for a great night out – this  is how we do ladies.

Ok finally to the point what is up with the kids in long street man, I hope they not serving these kids alcohol. Please control what is happening here I mean we don’t want something bad to happen before we act.

Great night out.



2 thoughts on “Long Street Nights

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