Do you have what it takes to win survivor?

Can anyone really answer that question without really taking part….my answer No.

I started following from about season 2. Whatever happened to that guy who won the first Survivor:Borneo. Last I heard he dodged the taxman bad move.

I am a big fan love the twists and turns of each new season…we just finished Survivor:Redemption Island in South Africa and I can’t wait for the rest. So Boston Rob won boo hoo King Russel still the man.Here is a little hint of the winner of a future season.


Yeah that’s me haha watch this space. The jury though, they just make this game, those questions and comments can get really personal hey. Outwit Outplay Outlast…that is a motto for life that is why I love this show.

If you from South Africa reading this post and have influence in the South African version of Survivor….here is a recommendation get the winner to compete in the US version – ultimate survivor challenge.


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