Carpe Diem

Welcome Welcome

If you are reading this post you are one in a million….ok make that a billion and no that’s not a bad thing.

Read that again and see what is wrong with that sentence??????

Be yourself find your goals work hard and most of all enjoy life…seize the day for it is a gift. The greatest gift given to us from our FATHER. Blessed we are give thanks and appreciate life.

This is not a preaching blogpost but to start this off right it has to be mentioned  for our paths are laid out for us by our FATHER…life is about choices and that is what is great as we have the power, use your mind in a positive way. Let your light shine.

“What is our greatest fear” – Coach Carter

I will not give the answer the answer lies in Us…we are the future

CARPE DIEM – Seize the Day!!!


2 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Lisa Cyster

    Shaun, my beloved cousin.. they say “hulle wat so still is, is dies wat die stoutste is”. Well done Shaun, keep it up and be sure that I WILL keep track of this.. Sjoe, am I not proud to say – DIE IS MOS FAMILIE MAN!! 🙂


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